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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 13, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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work on. right now i'm focused on getting this project off the ground. the scientific way of thinking is it's a beautiful thing. you have to have data in order to make your claims of it. i think a lot of it is missing in politics. >> so before you become a congressman, today, sitting here right now do you feel like you've changed the world just a little? >> maybe just today with these classrooms. like the feedback we got from the kids is saying we've increased their awareness of neuroscience. but i'm greedy, we want that across all the country. we don't want just one kid, we want every kid. >> greg says neuroscience in high schools is just the launching point. last year he and backyard brains received a fellow ship for start-up chile. they inlisted greg to bring his low-cost science gear to high schools and universities and research labs in south america. pretty exciting stuff. greg is this globe-trekking
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scientist teacher, entrepreneur, what earns him a spot on the next lis is his ability to interpret neuroscience to everyone with an innovation that could help shape a better world, i'm dr. sanjay gupta. hope to see you next week. it is 2:30 p.m. in the east. 11:30 a.m. on the west coast. i'm martin savidge in for fredricka witfield. if you're just tuning in, thank you very much for joining us. let's look at the top stories we're following right now the cnn news room. tomorrow marks one month since the sandy hook massacre. a horrifying event that galvanized nationwide calls for greater regulation of firearms. now on tuesday, vice president joe biden is expected to present his recommendations to president obama on how to reduce gun violence. university background checks, restrictions on ammunition
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magazines and a ban on assault rifles will be among those proposals. new york's senator chuck schumer went further, asking retailers to stop selling military-style assault guns. >> i'm urging our country's major gun retailers like walmart and sports authority, to suspend sales of modern assault-style weapons until congress is able to fully consider and vote on legislation to curb gun violence. >> and then on the flip side. gun shows are thriving. the national rifle association says its membership swelled by 100,000 since the sandy hook shooting. saying that the gun control debate in washington is behind it. nra president david keene tells cnn he doubts congress will do anything. >> one of the things that we have pushed for for a number of years is including those who have been adjudicated to be mentally incompetent and potentially dangerous onto the lists of those people who are prohibited from buying firearms,
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that has not been done that should be done. because most of the people who engage in these sort of things are people who have had real trouble. for example, some years ago, the virginia tech shooter, would not have been able to purchase a firearm, had that been done in virginia. >> in newtown, connecticut, that town is slowly trying to carry on. among the important pieces of business, what to do with the sandy hook elementary school building. our susan candiotti is live in newtown where a meeting about the school is about to begin. and susan, what's happening there now? >> well hi, marty, as you said, it's been a month since the tragedy happened. and literally, there are signs still around newtown, in tribute to all of the victims, including for the 27 people killed, including 20 children, 6-year-old and 7-year-old boys and girls among the dead. and here at newtown high school, at this hour, a public forum is
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beginning, to decide what to do about sandy hook elementary school. you remember that the children are attending another school now. but again, what to do with it. do you destroy that school? do you put a public memorial, a memorial in its place? or perhaps a combination of those ideas. and that's in part what this public forum is about. to talk about ideas. marty? >> yeah, that's a very difficult discussion to even imagine they're having in that community. how are the people recovering? how is that town healing? >> well, you know, people are saying a lot of things about the healing process, marty. for example, we spent some time at st. rose of lima catholic church where nine of the children were parishioners. and it's been a very difficult time for them as you can imagine. and their philosophy is that it is good to just be there for each other, to lean on each other. to talk about it as people want to talk about it. and get strength from each other. and you know, ever since this
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happened, believe it or not, they have received, they estimate, tens of thousands of people of mail and mementos from all over the world. every day a dozen volunteers come in to sort this out and put them in individual boxes for victims' families. they're very touched by all of this, marty. >> susan candiotti, thank you very much. in international news, in egypt, former president hosni mubarak will get a new trial. his lawyer believes the retrial could take place within two months. mubarak is currently serving a life sentence for ordering the killings of peaceful protesters during eat egyptian uprising. he was deposed after 30 years in power. and there been another shocking incident of gang rape in india. the latest happened this weekend in the northern state of punjab. police have arrested six suspects and a manhunt is under way for a seventh. a woman was taken to an
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undisclosed address after he got on bus and was raped all night. it's early similar to an incident last month where a woman was gang-raped and died. that incident sparked international outrage and protest. and today marks a year since the "costa concordia" disaster and the cruise ship is still laying on its side. hundreds of people are working on the wreck, observing a moment of silence to commemorate the disaster. at least 32 passengers and crew died when the ship sank off the coast of italy. officials announce that the ship will be towed to port in one peace in september. italian prosecutors are still awaiting charges against the ship's captain. it's been 30 years since a woman from new york has won miss america. >> your new miss america is -- miss new york.
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>> there she is. 23-year-old magry hagen, accepting the crowd at the miss america pageant last night. she tap danced to james brown's "get up off that thing." while there were no meltdowns there were a couple of firsts, miss iowa let the audience know she had tourette's syndrome. one comment she made is getting a lot of attention on the web. >> i personally know people who have had to go to medical marijuana for their last resort for their health care. i completely agree with that, i do not think it should be used for anything but recreational use and health care. >> and miss montana, the pageant's first contestant with autism. a new and surprising take on the lone gunman theory. and this time, it's the family of slain president john f. kennedy speaking out. you have to hear this. plus -- they're getting ready for a big show in washington. president obama's second swearing-in is just over a week
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president john f. kennedy was not assassinated by a lone
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gunman. at least that's what the belief of robert f. kennedy, according to his son robert kennedy junior is. speaking at a roundtable in dallas, he said that his father publicly supported the warren commission, which said it was a lone gunman. but privately, he was much more critical of that conclusion. robert f. kennedy junior said his father thought there was strong enough evidence that he asked the justice department to look into the connection between the assassination and the mafia and the c.i.a. and other organizations. but he never publicly voiced those concerns, because he thought it would take away from the civil rights fight that was gripping the country at the time. it is the biggest celebration that happens once every four years. we are of course talking about the inauguration of the president. all the bands, the drill teams and the stand-ins are in the capital today, rehearsing for next week's second inauguration of barack obama barack obama. athena jones is in washington to
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give us a sneak preview, hello. i guess they started early and i suppose they're trying to make sure they work out all the kinks, you don't want to have anything go wrong on the big day, do you. >> certainly not, you think every four years they'll try to get it right. today we've seen fife and drums, military bands, we've seen people standing in for the vice president and for president obama, as well as the first lady. and two young girls standing in for sasha and mallia to make it as close to how they expect it to be as possible next week. there's a lot of excitement here in town. we had a chance to speak with the president of the chamber of commerce about some of their expectations, let's listen. >> what we're hearing is anywhere from 600,000 to 800,000 people coming into the city. you compare that to 2008, 2009, 2008 election, 2009
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inauguration, it was almost two million. 1.8. those of us in the business community would love to see two million people in our city. but no, we're not looking anywhere near those numbers. >> and so not as many people expected as last time. but if you think about it, 600,000 to 800,000 is no slouch. and of course, while you need tickets to get up close. right here behind me, out on the mall, it's a free for all. so they certainly expect a lot of people. mart snn. >> i always love looking at the video of the stand-ins for the huge name tags around their anythings. >> do we know if the president or other officials will do run-through or not? >> no. the president spent at least today, he went and watched one of his daughter's basketball games, he won't be doing the sort of practice that we can see. i can tell you that the actual swearing in will be next sunday behind closed doors. we'll get video of it. it's because it's the constitutionally-mandated day of january 20th. the big day, celebration like we saw four years ago will be on
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monday. that's when all that you see behind us will get under way. martin? >> athena, we'll look forward to it, thank you very much. it is a golden globes first, two of the funniest women in comedy hosting the show together. tina fey and amy poehler, they're in control tonight and millions of us are going to be watching, the inside scoop from where else, hollywood. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. trust duracell to power their donated toys? duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere.
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hollywood is getting ready for its biggest party of the year. the golden globes. after hosting the show for three years straight, british comedian ricky gervais is out and bffs tina fey and amy poehler are in. michelle has a preview. >> it will be splendid. filled with surprises. slightly ghetto, drunken. >> golden globes hosts tina fey and amy poehler aren't just hosting an awards show, they're emceeing hollywood's biggest party of the year. just ask anyone who attended in the past. >> when i was there, people were having a pretty damn good time. >> i went last year with all the ladies from "the help." we drank a lot of champagne. >> maybe the golden globes, people want everyone drunk for some reason. >> it becomes a party to be able to celebrate how hard it is to
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survive in this business. >> surviving in the business is one thing, being recognized for your work is another. awards are actually handed out to some of the best in television and movies. >> now, now. >> now appears to be the time for steven spielberg's "lincoln." the period piece leads the way in the drama categories with seven nominations, including best motion picture, best actor, daniel day-lewis and supporting actress, sally field. >> i need you to help me make a fake movie. >> joining "lincoln," are "argo," "django unchained," life of pi and "zero dark thirty." the musical, "les miserables" and surprise hit, "silver linings playbook" headline the comedy or musical categories with a handful of nominations each. including best picture. hugh jackman and anne hathaway earned acting nods for "les mis," while jennifer lawrence and bradley cooper were
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nominated for "silver linings playbook". >> it's wonderful, a word of mouth film. >> "the best exotic marigold hotel" "moonrise kingdom" and "salmon fishing in the yemen" round it out. >> the most nominations in the television field with five and "homeland" leads the drama race with four nominations, best series, beckett at tress, claire danes and best actor, damien lewis. it will battle it out with "boardwalk empire" and "the newsroom." "modern family" has done well at the globes, it won best tv series and is nominated in the same category this year, as well as supporting acting nods for eric stonestreet and sophia vergara. >> interesting. >> a a repeat for best comedy or musical could be tough for "modern family" as it faces
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stiff competition from "the big bang theory" "girls" and "smash" in that category. but come the day of the ceremony, everyone who gets to walk down the globe's red carpet is a winner. just ask the hosts. >> it will be the greatest celebrity party/award show in all of hollywood. michelle turner, cnn, hollywood. so who is going to win? 18 movie experts have already made their picks, we've got the predicted winners for you. joining me now is tom o'neill, editor of "gold" a website that tracks the show's top winners. nice to see you. what should we watch for tonight? >> we're looking for the best performance at the podium. because this is your oscar audition, if you're in this race. and i can think of examples historically. like hilary swank and jamie foxx, who were so amazing at the podium. that the oscar voters said, you know what, i want to see that again. >> we sort of teased this.
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what are the current odds on winners for the globes, based on globe >> starting with what category? >> well, let's start with best movie. >> best movie, it looks as if "lincoln" is ahead with 13-8 odds. i think it has, with the most nominations, it seems to have a consensus, ten of the 18 experts at gold derby are backing that. six are for "argo," two are for "zero dark thirty." >> best actor? >> best actor, daniel day-lewis has this in the bag. 17 of our experts say he's going to win and i think it's safe to say he's on a clear march to the oscar. >> how about best supporting actor or actress? >> best supporting actress is pretty much anne hathaway's to win here. watch out for sally field potentially. >> let's talk about the upsets. i think those are always the interesting ones that jump out at us. i've got a few in mind.
11:52 am
i'm wondering what you see. >> i think everyone has got this progostication wrong. i think it's going to be "argo's" big night. they are starstruck at the golden globes. "argo" isn't just ben affleck's achievement. remember who produced it. it's george clooney. i think we're going to see at least "argo" take best director for ben affleck. but probably best picture. too. that's very controversial. because remember, "argo" was not nominated for best director at the oscars this week. and normally you need those parallel nominations for picture and director to go all the way. but i think we're going to see something amazing tonight that could be the game-changer of oscar season. >> i watched that movie last night. i'm a fan of history, it's a very, very good film. tom o'neill, editor of thanks very much for the progostication. we'll see how it all plays out. thank you. only three states that managed to avoid this menace so far. you know what i'm talking about -- it's the flu.
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you may be sick of this story, but the flu has spread to 47 states. there is some good news now, the cdc says that the situation seems to be slowly improving. so far, though, 20 children have died. and doctors are encouraging those who haven't got the flu sweat yet to go out and get it. our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta has details. >> the latest numbers from the cdc tell us we're now seeing widespread activity in 47
11:56 am
states. in fact only california, mississippi and hawaii aren't at that level. now it's important to note that this tells us about the spread, but not the severity. and while high levels of activity have gone down a bit in five states, they've actually gone up in several others. >> we're seeing flu in almost every part of the country right now. and lots of it. so we do think that the early signs that the southeast may be starting to go down are hopeful. but i think the message to the folks out there is that there's still lots of flu around. we expect it to be around for several more weeks. but it's still not too late to get vaccinated if you haven't already. >> now it's also important to remember this is just a snapshot of the first week of the new year. and because flu is so unpredictable, it's hard to tell this early on if flu season has peaked already or not. for now we're basically at the halfway mark of the most intense part of the season. there's still time to get a flu shot. in case you're curious, about 37% of people have had a flu shot. keep this in mind, it takes about two weeks after you get the shot to build up your
11:57 am
immunity and your protection. there's also a possibility that even though you've been vaccinated in time. you could still get the flu. but the symptoms may not be as severe because your body has built up some immunity. back to you. thanks very much, doctor. well, it takes a lot to shock new yorkers. at least usually. but it has happened. in central park, take a look. not sure what that is? here's a hint. it's more than 200 years old and it's loaded.
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here's what's trending around the web. internet trail blazer, aaron schwartz has died. he h
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